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How to Layer Clothing for Cold Weather

How to Layer Clothing for Cold Weather

As the winter intensifies, it’s important to dress to stay warm. One plight of winter most of us face is that it seems the colder it gets outside, the more we crank up the heat indoors. This leads to a choice nobody wants to make: be too cold outside or too warm inside. However, these aren’t your only two options—you can always layer. Layers are your friend because you can always add or remove some to help your body regulate its temperature as you move between outside and inside. It can be difficult to pull off the layered look unless you know how to do it. Check out this quick guide on how to layer clothing for cold weather.

Layer one

The most important layer of all, (arguably), is underwear. If it’s super chilly out, you may want to consider a pair of long underwear or some leggings underneath your pants. You can also put on tights if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. If it’s not too cold, consider bringing this extra layer with you and decide in the spur of the moment.

Pro Tip: If you get too hot wearing long underwear, you can always take it off and it won’t alter your outfit’s look. Bring a larger purse or bag with you to store your extra layers in.

Layer two

Your second layer should just be your normal outfit for the day—a base layer. Try jeans or your cutest joggers with a t-shirt or blouse of your choosing. You could also go with a fun wintery dress or a skirt. Make sure this layer matches well, as it is your final outfit if it’s warm inside.

Pro Tip: Fleece-lined clothing is perfect for this weather. It’s lighter weight, warm, and doesn’t have a bulky appearance like a chunky sweater does.

Layer three

For layer three, add a new element to your outfit. Fun and cozy add-ons like a women’s Boho cardigan or a lightweight sweater can make your look stand out and keep you extra warm and cozy. This layer is simple to add or remove as the temperature shifts. Cardigans and sweaters are easy to take off and hang or store until you need them again.

Pro Tip: Hooded cardigans are great so you can put the hood up outdoors and down indoors. Plus, a hood is a cute accessory.

Layer four

This layer is the fun one! Accessorize as much as you want—but with the intention to stay warm. A cute headband that covers your ears or a stylish hat is a great addition to any winter outfit. You can also add a lightweight scarf, boot socks, and a trendy velvet scrunchie to your look.

Pro Tip: Lined boots or flats make for a good choice in the winter, so you can keep your toes warm and toasty outside and inside.


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