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Shut Your Mouth, Mama!

Shut Your Mouth, Mama!

Okay, so I'm going to get real with you friend. I love to stay busy. I hate being bored. I think I could be a professional to-do list creator. I love being involved. So, if a volunteer opportunity arises the first thing out of my mouth is a resounding, “Yes! Sign me up!” As women we are expected to help out, give back, pay forward, be nice, get 'er done, pull up the boot straps and carry on. So, it's only natural to be a yes person because it is in our nature. However, is it necessary to fill the schedule to find fulfillment?

The older I get, the more I realize I have yes'ed my days away and needlessly stressed out because of it. One evening, not so long ago, while sitting and starring off into space during recovery from laundry, dishes, and dinnertime I felt so stressed. I started making a mental list of all my commitments and realized none of them were necessary or stress-worthy. Yet, I was stressing over them like a root canal.

Does any of this sound familiar? If not, I'm so glad that someone has it all together. Please, tell me how you do it! So, as a recovering over-commiter I have decided to make a list of what are necessary things for me to attend to and delegate jobs I don't have to do. Also, it is so important to make time for projects that are fulfilling personally and not just filling a schedule. I'm not trying to be selfish here... This can include playing with your kids and being present with them. Not, pushing around a toy truck with one hand and reading your phone with the other trying to keep up with your commitments. You could also find a craft that is relaxing and rewarding and perhaps that can involve the kids or friends. 

Lastly, find time to be still. I think God mentions this in his Word for a reason. We are always finding something to chase after. However, the most important thing is to ensure that we are filling our time with Him and then we truly will feel fulfilled.

So girl, go make your list. Get happy with a red pen and mark out the things that are not necessary and are not fulfilling. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Make a promise to say yes to yourself and no to what is needlessly stressful so that you can relax, be a better woman, wife, mother, and friend. And, as a friend, I humbly remind you that the next time someone asks you to volunteer... shut your mouth and think about it before saying, “Yes!”

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  • Kayla Brown

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m a woman with the opposite problem. I don’t have children or a lot of major responsibilities so I’m always overcompensating by imagining that I HAVE to be involved in everything. Sometimes it’s okay to realize something doesn’t bring joy and walk away from it. I’m going to share your post with others who I believe will enjoy reading it. :) . Keep blogging! I’m enjoying your site.

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