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Just a casual, family snapshot at an event on our farm in Mansfield, MO. It's a miracle we're all looking at the camera at the same time...

About Us...

My name is Emilee Gettle, and I'm the owner of Home Folk & the Bulk Herb Store. I grew up along a dirt road in central Missouri, just a few miles from my grandparents' century farm.

Some of my fondest memories are riding along on my dad’s blue Ford tractor, hayrides, sitting in our old country church with no AC and occupying those long, hot Sunday mornings tracing my finger along the cracks in the wall while giggling to myself as a wasp threatened the pastor at the pulpit.

I’m a country girl at heart, with a love for old things and wide-open spaces. Making things brings me so much joy. I learned to sew at the feet of my Grandmother and mother from a very young age. Being creative is what has carried so many women through lean times, tough times, valley days, and mountain moments. I'm thankful that I was taught to lean into that creativity for comfort.

I'm married to Jere Gettle and we are blessed with five amazing kids. We homeschool and love to include our kids in all we do from cooking dinner for the seven of us or preparing food for thousands who come to our farm events. We want our kids to learn how to do life now, so we are blessed to work, play, and learn together everyday.

In my spare time (whatever that is?! This girl doesn't like to be bored), I enjoy spending time with my horses, writing, crafting, baking sourdough bread, and dreaming up more ways to ensure boredom isn't a word in my vocabulary.

Home Folk: Est 2017

We call the Missouri Ozarks home and live in a historic farmhouse. As a kid, my parents took me to Colorado every year. My heart has always been in the West, I even married a guy from out there. So, I started Home Folk in June 2017 with the dream of offering apparel and products I love to women across the country. It just made sense that many of these pieces have a western flare. 

Bulk Herb Store Est. 2019

In 2019 we purchased the Bulk Herb Store business. We blend and pack the teas and herb singles at our farm. We strive to offer the finest quality ingredients from around the world. It is our goal to source ingredients that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. We are excited to bring the Bulk Herb Store and Home Folk together on one platform so customers can enjoy the best of both companies in one place.

Shop in Store

Home Folk & The Bulk Herb Store at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.

2278 Baker Creek Road
Mansfield, MO
Monday to Friday: 8 - 5

Visit our farm, gardens, and shop our village stores nestled in the Ozark hills. We are located near Mansfield, MO home of Rocky Ridge Farm where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the Little House series.

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