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Top Reasons to Wear Organic Clothing

Top Reasons to Wear Organic Clothing

Switching to organic clothing may seem cumbersome, but the benefits make doing so well worth it. Organic clothing holds many benefits for you, for everyone involved in making the clothing products, and even for the Earth. Here are some of the top reasons to wear organic clothing.

Better for you

Wearing organic clothing is actually better for you. It’s easier on sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals used to make synthetic clothing. Organic fibers aren’t mixed with microplastics and other harmful materials, so your skin can breathe easy and avoid irritation. Organic clothing is also naturally hypoallergenic.

Better for workers

Workers in the organic clothing production industry generally earn fairer wages and enjoy better working conditions. Farmers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins while they’re at work, and factory workers never work in sweatshops. Workers can rest easy knowing they’re not risking their health at work every day.

Better for the environment

Organic clothing has less environmental impact than nonorganic clothing does. No chemicals or toxins are used on the crops in the material farming process, so the farmland doesn’t suffer from unnatural consequences. Synthetic fabrics are also often mixed with microplastics that serve as filler. These microplastics can disperse into water supplies during washing and find their way into the stomachs of marine life. Organic clothing, on the other hand, is never mixed with plastics.

Better quality

Organic clothing is often softer because of the lack of microplastics and fillers, and it stays that way longer. Because organic cotton is softer, it can be woven thinner, making it more durable and helping your clothing last longer.

Natural lifestyle products such as organic clothing help you and the environment. The investment is well worth it, as the clothing is better for your health and comfort, the environment, and the workers in the clothing production industry.

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