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5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

Your closet should be your own little personal oasis. You should look forward to walking into the space every morning and picking out a favorite outfit. If you don’t feel relaxed the minute you enter the area, perhaps you need to reorganize it. This resourceful article will detail five easy ways to organize your closet. If you tidy things up a bit, you’ll feel more relaxed while you’re picking out the right clothing to start your day.


Every closet needs stylish baskets to improve its organization. Purchase baskets to help make your wardrobe the neat space you need it to be. Baskets are super convenient for people who are on the go, as well. Simply place some hooks on your closet door and hang the baskets there. You can put all kinds of accessories in these baskets, too. One basket can be designated for all your sunglasses, while another can hold all your scarves. Another added bonus of putting baskets in your closet is that they are super stylish. Here at Home Folk, we offer a wide variety of African Bolga market baskets that won’t only help you keep things organized, but also they’ll add some dimension to your space, too. We also feature baskets of different sizes, so they’re perfect for anything you need to be stored away.

Multipurpose Hangers

There’s nothing worse than when your favorite tops get tangled up on hangers. It’s frustrating when you have to spend time pulling clothes out in the morning because they’re stuck on hangers, and you can’t unhook them. One way to make your life easier is to buy multipurpose racks. Multipurpose hangers will dramatically improve the organization of your closet. For starters, you’ll be able to grab clothing much easier because each item has its own designated space. Secondly, you’ll have so much more room in your closet because you hang several items on one device. These tools will free up so much space, and they’ll help transform your closet into the oasis you deserve.

Shoe Racks

Who doesn’t love shoes? A beautiful pair of shoes can elevate any outfit. A gorgeous pair of red pumps can take that little black dress to the next level. Yet as fabulous as shoes are, having numerous pairs can easily take over your closet. It’s no fun tripping over a pair of sneakers while trying to get dressed in the morning. Avoid this headache altogether and place shoe racks in your closet. Shoe racks are excellent for people looking to improve their organization. These tools are great because you can match pairs together so that they’re easier to find. So many people are guilty of taking their shoes off and throwing them in the back of the closet. Simply take them off at the end of the day and place them in the shoe rack. Your shoes will be easier to find, and your closet will be much tidier.

Drawer Dividers

You should put drawer dividers in your dresser if you want to get more organized. Drawers can get messy very quickly. Even if you fold your clothes neatly, you can still spend minutes shuffling through T-shirts trying to find the right one. Drawer organizers can make your life so much simpler. These tools can keep things separate so they’re easier to find. You can put your undergarments in one area and divide them from your socks in another. Drawer dividers can help choose clothes based on the occasion, as well. For example, you can place all your professional shirts in one section of the drawer and put your cozy sleep shirts in another. That way, you’ll know exactly where to look when you have to plan for a certain event.

Color Coordinate Things

Color coordinating your closet will change your life. This is a very easy change you can make without having to buy anything. Not only will color coordination make things easier, but it’s also a fun way to pick out your outfits. You can alternate what you want to wear for different days of the week. Mondays can be your pink days, and Tuesdays can be yellow. Moreover, color coordination is a simple way to make your closet beautiful. Many people spend so much money trying to make their closet look spectacular. Some people install intricate light features or comfortable benches. These things can be incredibly expensive. Save yourself some money and add style by making your closet look like a rainbow. It will lift your spirits and make items easier to find.

A closet is an essential space in any home. Picking out your outfit should be an enjoyable experience. Everyone should walk into their closet and be excited about what they’re going to wear that day. However, you’ll never start your day off on the right foot if your closet is unorganized. That’s why anyone who’s overwhelmed by the messiness of their space should follow these five easy ways to organize your closet. For starters, baskets are a great item for any closet because they add style, and they’re a super simple solution for storage. Check out our wide selection of baskets at Home Folk. These baskets are large enough so you can easily tuck things away, but also stylish to help add some flair.

Multipurpose hangers and shoe racks will also help you tidy things up. Instead off kicking your shoes off and wondering where they are in the morning, you can place each pair in a shoe rack at the end of the day. Drawer dividers will help you keep clothing items separated too, so they’re easier to grab. Finally, color coordination will take the stress away from picking out the perfect outfit. Don’t see organizing your closet as a daunting chore. Instead, view this task as an opportunity to get creative and make your life easier. Everyone deserves to have the closet of their dreams. If you follow these steps and focus on keeping things tidy, you can achieve this goal.

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

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