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Celebrities Pulling Off the Boho Trend

Celebrities Pulling Off the Boho Trend

Celebrities Pulling Off the Boho Trend

The Boho trend that recently resurfaced originated when a few style icons such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Nicks, and other notable individuals adopted the look. Today, the traditional Boho beauty trend has a chic and modern twist. Boho-chic is the new “in” style, and many of today’s celebrities are making the style their own and influencing fashion as we know it. Here are the celebrities pulling off the Boho trend and tips on emulating their style in your own wardrobe.

Vanessa Hudgens

Many people know Vanessa Hudgens for her festival style and ability to rock the Boho-chic look in the streets. She’s regularly seen wearing a flowy top with ripped jeans or bohemian style pants. Her hair typically cascades down in effortless waves, and she’s truly mastered the art of balancing bohemian and an effortlessly chic vibe.

Hudgens is also a big proponent of the chunky heeled boot. She’s either wearing a chunky heeled bootie, flat gladiator sandals or rocking a barefoot look with feet jewels to accessorize. The key to her bohemian-chic look is accessories. No flowy top alone could classify her as a Boho queen, but the addition of statement earrings, intricate designs, and oversized bags help lock in her position as reigning Boho influencer.

Tips to dress more like Vanessa Hudgens:

  • Pair an oversized white flowy shirt with a pair of distressed jean shorts.
  • Accessorize with bold, statement earrings and a fringy oversized bag.
  • Pair your fit with chunky heeled brown leather booties.
  • Leave your hair down in long, beachy waves.

The Olsen twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are modern Boho style icons. Theirs is the more traditional bohemian look mixed with upscale vibes and class. They found the perfect balance between hippie and high class. We know them best for their oversized outerwear with sloppily rolled sleeves and high-quality fabric, making their signature disheveled chic “it-girls” look a success—every time.

They also subscribe to the philosophy of “more is more,” regularly mixing different textures, prints, tones, and silhouettes. You’ll see them wear oversized clothing, loads of statement jewelry, (who says you can only have one statement piece!?), and intricate hair details.

Tips to dress more like an Olsen twin:

  • Lay on the accessories. Consider wearing big, mismatched earrings, lots of bracelets, and subtle yet noticeable hair accessories, such as feathers, scarves, and jewels.
  • Go oversized with the outerwear. Big coats made of quality material with rolled sleeves to show off your bracelets are a great choice.
  • Coordinate with others—but not too much. The twins have similar styles and typically dress in coordinating fashions without matching exactly. To match this style, get your bestie to dress in a similar style and basic color scheme to really get the Olsen effect.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz, renowned actress and daughter of legendary parents Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, came into her own fame and style with focused grace. She grew up in the spotlight, and her style shows just how comfortable she is with it. With a brilliant combination of her father’s rockstar style and her mother’s bohemian traditional looks, Zoe manages to find a blissful mixture of two typically clashing tones.

She regularly dresses in long gowns and skirts, typically favoring slightly form-fitting styles that show some skin. Unlike many other Boho style icons, she typically keeps accessories to a minimum and opts for more intricate fabrics and clothing designs.

Tips to dress more like Zoe Kravitz:

  • Choose long, sheer fabric dresses over short dresses or heavy fabrics.
  • Let your clothes speak for themselves. Don’t over-accessorize; instead, choose a bold piece of clothing that stands alone.
  • When in doubt, go with a platform shoe to tie your look together.
  • Don’t forget to perfect your smize (smiling with your eyes). Kravitz has a perfect smize in nearly every picture taken of her.

Rachel Zoe

Fashion stylist, designer, reality star, and fashion icon, Rachel Zoe helped pioneer modern bohemian clothing into the Los Angeles “it-girl” scene. Her client, Nicole Richie, is famous for setting the bohemian style trend, and this is mainly because of Zoe. Rachel Zoe has her own self-titled clothing line company and still works as a stylist for many of today’s top style influencers and celebrities.

You’ll likely see Rachel with flowing hair, oversized sunglasses, and pattern mismatching looks. She loves Boho style hats, big, structured bags, and flowing patterned dresses. These interests show up in her seasonal collections and she perfects them by accessorizing.

Tips to dress more like Rachel Zoe:

  • The more flowy the dress, the better. Choose a dress with cascading lines, flowy elements, or general airy feels to it.
  • Look for an outfit that makes you feel like going to an upscale brunch but is also acceptable for dancing in a field of flowers. This is key to emulate her upscale chic yet backwoods, free-flowing style.
  • Go big or go home with your sunglasses. Big, oversized, and uniquely shaped sunglasses are what truly completes a Rachel Zoe inspired outfit.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross doesn’t shy away from vibrant colors and bold patterns. She’s a true Boho style queen and rocks tons of bold looks. She’s usually found in bright and vibrant colors that make her truly stand out from the crowd even on the most dazzling red carpets. She keeps her makeup classic and consistent, leaving room for her clothing to take the center stage.

Sexy and elegant are her main tones, as she (more recently) favors brightly colored suits with tailored jackets. Her fashion choices definitely deem her a trendsetter, as she encouraged a huge comeback of feathers, frills, and sequins but using them in a new-aged way.

Tips to dress more like Tracee Ellis Ross:

  • Go bold. Choose a bright color and keep that theme for the entire outfit, monochromatic looks are key.
  • Choose a bold shoe that is a statement all on its own but matches perfectly with your outfit. Hues and design are the most important factor in choosing shoes to mimic Ross’ style.
  • Find your own signature lip color. It’s rare to see Ross without her signature red lips. Find a color that complements your face—no matter your outfit color scheme—and stick with it.
  • Put in some long, dangling earrings to complete your look. Ross is usually sporting long, shiny earrings that complement her outfits without overpowering them.

Celebrities Pulling Off the Boho Trend


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