3 Tips for Mixing and Matching Prints

3 Tips for Mixing and Matching Prints

Picking out the perfect outfit is so much fun. It’s a blast to shuffle through your closet in the morning and look at all the options you have. Yet, sometimes you get stuck in a style rut. Everyone has gotten bored with the clothes they have in their wardrobe. One way to spice things up is to experiment with different patterns. This article will overview three tips for mixing and matching prints for anyone who wants to change their style.

Offset Patterns With Solids

One essential tip for mixing and matching prints is to offset them with solids. If you wear too many patterns, your outfit will be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to give your friends a headache while you’re talking to them. Yes, prints are fabulous! However, it’s essential to wear them in moderation. Don’t be afraid to wear a beautifully printed boho long sleeve top as long as you’re wearing a solid pair of jeans or pants on the bottom. This way, your outfit will still be fetching without being too much.

It’s All About the Fabrics

Prints are bold. Certain patterns catch people’s eyes immediately. If you’re wondering how to pull off a cute printed outfit, you must keep fabrics in mind. Try not to wear patterns printed on the wrong materials. If a fabric like velvet has a print on it, this will be too much for the eyes to take in. Instead, stick to thinner fabrics like cotton or silk if you’re going to wear something with a pattern. Not only will this make the print less overwhelming, but lighter fabrics are also more comfortable to wear because they’re incredibly breathable.

Consider the Size of the Patterns

Size is key when you’re mixing and matching prints. You can definitely wear some patterns together, as long as the prints complement one another. If you’re wearing pants with large flowers on them, keep the print small on the top. Too many large prints in one outfit will be overpowering. It’s important to balance the eye, so people aren’t confused by where to look. Proportion is vital when mixing and matching patterns. If you reach a style equilibrium with your outfit, you’ll surely get lots of praise.

Some people are intimidated by printed clothing. Yet, no one should be afraid to wear striking patterns if they want to change up their wardrobe. If you wear solid pieces alongside exciting prints, your outfit will be pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it’s vital to balance your outfit with the right fabrics and size of the patterns. If you follow this advice, you’ll feel confident wearing boldly patterned clothing every day.

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