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We make it simple to style vintage jewelry that inspires others to jump out of their comfort zone and wear something they wouldn’t normally think to wear. Simply achieve vintage and antique inspired looks through our extensive guide on how to wear vintage jewelry—we take a deep dive in finding simple or intricate pieces and discuss how to style them. Add your own personal touch to the look by trying new jewelry combinations and expanding your vintage-inspired collection.

If you need advice on how to wear vintage jewelry, you can start by simply having confidence in everything you wear. Having confidence in your outfit choice is a great way to show others you’re proud of your style. Depending on the type, the size, and the color of your jewelry, there are various ways to style each piece so you can get many uses out of your jewelry without feeling like you’ve worn them out. Also, what you wear plays a big role in determining the type of jewelry you should accessorize with. With so many factors to consider, it can ultimately come down to wearing what makes you feel good, confident, and stylish.

Wearing Vintage Jewelry with Western Country Style Clothes

When looking into how to wear vintage jewelry with western country style clothes, there are countless inspiring ways to spark your imagination. With western country looks, a big trend is to layer your accessories to create a complete look and balance your outfit. Lastly, make sure to add your own unique twist and find looks that make you feel good about what you’re wearing.

The Home Folk Difference

At Home Folk, we carry everything from vintage style earrings and bracelets to necklaces, rings, and more incredible jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or vintage jewelry that is simple, there are countless options available.