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Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom in a Country Style

Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom in a Country Style

Y’all, there is nothing better than climbing into bed after a long day. Every farm girl needs her beauty sleep, so she’s ready to tackle more projects tomorrow. However, just because you spend most of your time sleeping while you’re in your bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful. Here are some helpful tips for decorating your bedroom in a country style. The area should reflect your personality and flow with the rest of your home’s interior design.

Beautiful Bedding

If you’re obsessed with the country-rustic look, your bedding should reflect that. A pro tip is to stick to neutral tones. The country style is all about enhancing simplicity and keeping things crisp. So, you should consider getting all-white bedding for your room. All-white bedding will make a statement the minute you open the doors. Many folks shy away from the color white because it gets dirty rather quickly. Unfortunately, this sentiment is even more accurate for farm girls who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty during the day. Your bedding will likely get a little messy while you’re sleeping. Please, don’t stress about this y’all. A little bit of dirt can drive home the country theme even more and make the space look more authentic.

You should also think about placing some throw pillows on your bed. Without throw pillows, your bed will look a little barren and flat. Pillows add a touch more dimension to the area. For example, fringe is a staple of the country look. Every gal who’s obsessed with this style has a few fringe vests hanging in her closet. Luckily, you can add your love of fringe to your bedroom with some fringe throw pillows. Home Folk has lots of textured throw pillows, and other country bedroom décor farm-enthusiasts will love. Also, these pillows are incredibly comfortable so that y’all can rest easy all through the night.

Exposed Wood Everywhere

Every farm girl is in love with barnwood. If you some extra lying around, you can add barnwood to your bedroom’s design. For starters, create a wooden headboard. Every bedroom needs a statement piece, y’all. Nothing will catch people’s eyes more than a DIY headboard made out of barnwood. If this idea appeals to you, consider tackling the project. Remember, the older the wood, the better. Everyone who’s grown up on a farm knows that old timber has more texture. So, these wooden pieces will create a more worn look that’s indicative of the country vibe.

Wooden beams are staples of the rustic interior design. Lots of homes have structural beams that previous owners have covered up. If you really want your bedroom to look like a country oasis, leave these beams exposed or install new ones altogether. Wooden beams will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot inside a barn. While you’re at it, you can install a sliding barn door, too. A barn door will set the tone for the entire room, and it’s a unique touch that guests will adore.

Industrial Lights & Features

Country interior design blends natural elements with industrial ones. If you’re a farm girl who wants to achieve the look, pick up some urban light fixtures. Here is where you get to have a bit of fun, y’all. There are various unique light fixtures that’ll allow you to express your creativity. A chandelier with multiple edges will catch people’s eyes immediately. It’d also be helpful to experiment with different sizes. You could hang a large chandelier over the bed to create a focal point in the room. You can then purchase a few floor lamps to place in the corners, so things aren’t too dark. Remember, even though you need the room to be dark while you’re sleeping, that doesn’t mean the space should be gloomy all the time. Industrial lighting is stylish, and it’ll brighten up the area to make it more inviting.

There are other industrial features folks can place in the bedrooms to make the space look more rustic. Metal mirrors fit perfectly into a country design. Again, there’s nothing more striking than metal pieces against exposed natural wood. Y’all should consider installing metal hardware, as well. A metal bed frame is a perfect accent to a wooden headboard. The two mediums appear to be total opposites; however, if styled correctly, they can help you create the perfect country bedroom.

Rustic Knick-Knacks

Another tip for decorating your bedroom in a country style is to add rustic knick-knacks where you can. For starters, no country-inspired bedroom design is complete without a woven rug. A patterned woven rug is an excellent way to add texture to a simple country design. Y’all should also implement antiques into the room. Antique furniture—such as a wooden rocking chair or a vintage dresser—will further drive home the theme.

Y’all should also bring the outdoors in. After all, every farm girl loves to spend her days outside. Perhaps put a few succulents in the room to remind you of the great outdoors. How awesome would a cactus look against your bedroom window? It might also be helpful to pick up a few floor plants to add more greenery to the room. Your bedroom will definitely need a little color to break up the visual space. Purchasing a few plants is a simple way to add pops of color to the room.

A country-rustic interior design is trendy right now. Folks across the country love to blend of exposed wood and modern features. People also like the look’s simplicity. There’s nothing too fussy about this design. The eye shouldn’t be overwhelmed when someone enters the space. Rather, you should feel calm, and the room should give off a touch of tranquility. That’s why this style is the ideal design for a bedroom, y’all. You can drift off easily in a country-style space. If these ideas appeal to you, please check out Home Folk’s selection of country bedroom décor. We have the accessories you need to create the oasis you’ve always envisioned.

Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom in a Country Style
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