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The Essential Rules for Choosing Accessories

The Essential Rules for Choosing Accessories

Every gal knows that accessories make an outfit. A statement necklace or a dangly pair of earrings can take a look from drab to fab. Yet, some women struggle to find the perfect pieces to add to their collection. These folks should learn about the essential rules for choosing accessories so they can look stylish all the time.

Consider Size

Chunky jewelry is so on-trend right now. However, no one should wear too many large accessories at once because that can appear overwhelming. That’s why ladies must consider size while shopping for jewelry or hats to add to their wardrobe. A good rule of thumb is to never wear more than three big accessories at a time. So, for example, a farm girl who’s wearing oversized hoop earrings, a bold watch, and a sunhat, should probably shy away from adding sunglasses that cover half her face. Remember, these pieces should add elegance to the ensemble. Adding too many accessories to an outfit could end up looking ridiculous.

These rules apply for choosing small jewelry items, as well. If a gal wears tiny studs with a dainty bracelet and necklace, nothing will stand out. For this reason, women should think about adding at least one larger piece of jewelry to their outfit if they want to catch people’s attention. People will compliment women on their accessory choices if they follow these rules. Accordingly, their self-confidence and overall mood will improve. After all, who doesn’t love receiving accolades from their family and friends?

Color Matters

Color is another important factor to think about when shopping for accessories. Everyone ought to have a few colorful pieces in their collection that’ll stand out against neutral clothing. Folks shouldn’t be afraid to take a few risks, so don’t be afraid to buy that bright orange necklace if it’s speaking to you from the store window. Remember, confidence and fashion are copasetic. The more someone loves what they’re wearing, the better they’ll feel.

Luckily, Home Folk has a wide selection of turquoise jewelry for women that every farm girl will adore. Our collection is unique, and the rich turquoise color is perfect for people who frequently wear neutral clothing and want something that pops. Ladies better prepare to have their girlfriends ask where they got the items.

Did Someone Say Shoes?

Sure, lots of women love jewelry. However, tons of women are also obsessed with shoes. Lord knows, farm girls can never have too many boots in their closets! Women should try to stay grounded while shoe shopping, though, because there are some important rules to keep in mind. For starters, ladies must never wear black shoes with a neutral outfit. Black footwear will throw off the entire aesthetic and can jarring to the eye. Instead, gals should opt for a neutral option that’ll blend with the rest of the outfit without being too distracting.

Farm girls must also ensure they have a wide variety of footwear in their wardrobes. Women need a great pair of shoes for every occasion. Of course, boots are excellent when you’re out on the farm having a good time with family, but you should also have a few pairs of flats in your closet when you want something a little more comfortable. It should be noted that no women should feel ashamed for having too many shoes. Since you need a different style for almost every event, it’s okay to splurge. Treat yourselves, gals! You deserve it!

What To Do About Purses?

Farm girls love living off the land and experiencing everything nature has to offer, but that doesn’t mean these women don’t have a lot of belongings like everyone else. Like other women who live in more urban neighborhoods, farm girls carry purses to tuck things away when they’re on the go. Unfortunately, there are so many purse options available that it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Fear not, there are some rules that may make this task simpler.

To begin with, women don’t need to worry about matching their handbag with their outfit. In fact, if the purse looks too similar to the rest of the outfit, it may get lost in the look and won’t stand out as much. Hence, much like when shopping for jewelry, ladies should buy whatever speaks to them. Women ought to purchase a boldly printed bag if they like to make a statement or stick to conservative colors if that’s more appealing. The purse doesn’t have to match every garment in the wardrobe to look stylish.

Ladies must also keep size in mind while purse shopping. There’s nothing worse than dragging around a large bag all day. So, it’s best for people to only bring out larger purses when they know they’re going to be able to sit down. Smaller handbags are much more practical, and they allow women to tuck away trinkets when necessary. Another pro tip is to think about choosing bags with straps, as they’re much easier to handle. Farm girls can simply throw their bags over their shoulders and walk out the door without having to worry about managing so many things.

Scarf Season Is Here

Once you’ve finished purse shopping, you can start looking for some seasonal scarves to get ready for fall. The most important rule to keep in mind while scarf shopping is layering. For example, women should never tuck a larger scarf underneath a collar because that’ll make the neck area look too bulky. Instead, lay the scarf on top of the outermost layer, so the outfit looks more cohesive, and the scarf is more comfortable to wear. Gals should also think about material while on the prowl for a scarf. The softer the fabric is, the more comfortable someone will feel wearing it.

Farm girls should follow these essential rules for choosing accessories if they want to up their fashion game. Accessories should enhance an overall look, not overpower it. So please, be mindful about size and color while shopping, so your accessories don’t end up taking over the entire aesthetic. Home Folk is a great place to start for anyone who’s not used to wearing accessories. We have top-of-the-line turquoise jewelry for women that’ll make any outfit look ten times better.

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