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Reasons Why Sweaters Are the Best Article of Clothing

Reasons Why Sweaters Are the Best Article of Clothing

Reasons Why Sweaters Are the Best Article of Clothing

Imagine this: the weather is turning chilly and you curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, warm cup of joe, and you slip on your comfiest sweater. Nothing can replace that feeling of calm, warmth, and coziness. The main element of that scene? The sweater. There are so many reasons why sweaters are the best article of clothing.

They are SO soft

Sweaters are so soft. Nothing beats them. No matter what style you choose for your sweater, it will always be super soft and comfy. Most sweaters are made of cotton, polyester, and wool—some of the softest, coziest materials in the world. Not to mention cashmere sweaters—the ultimate soft and cozy sweater material.

They’re cute

You’ll never go into a store that sells sweaters and NOT find at least one that you like. Sweaters are such a versatile article of clothing that they can be changed in many ways without disqualifying its sweater status. Sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and patterns. There truly is a sweater for each and every occasion you can think of. Women’s western sweaters are the best to pair with jeans for a fun and casual look, while a sweater dress is perfect for a fun fall activity with your family.

They keep you toasty

Sweaters keep you warm. In the colder months you can wear a warm sweater and not worry about the brisk winds. In the warmer months most places you go will be blasting the air conditioning, leading to a bit of a chilly time if you’re dressed for the outside heat. Bringing a sweater along even in the dog days of summer is always a great idea.


Cardigans. That’s it; that’s the whole reason. Cardigans are the most versatile type of sweater—and clothing—that exists. Does your outfit need more layers? Add a cardigan. Feeling chilly but don’t want to change your outfit? Put a cardigan on over it. Need a pop of color? Cardigan. No matter the fashion question, it can usually be answered with a cardigan.

You can NEVER have enough

Even if your closet is filled to the brim with sweaters, you can truly never have enough. Because of the wide variety of sweater options, you will never have one of EVERY type of sweater that exists. You might already have a cardigan, but you can always benefit from investing in another color. Sweaters also go with every outfit, so they’re easy to justify purchasing—because you know you’ll wear it.

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