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Items That Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Vibe

Items That Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Vibe

If you’re a farm girl at heart, you know nothing’s worse than being cooped up inside all day. You’d rather spend your day outside in the sun. However, just because you love being outdoors doesn’t mean you should ignore your home’s decor. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to make your place look like your dream farmhouse. You can start with the heart of the home and read about these items that give your kitchen a farmhouse vibe.


Every farmhouse kitchen needs a metal pendant light. After all, the country look is all about pairing neutral tones with industrial metals. If you want houseguests to feel like they’ve stepped into a barn the minute they enter your kitchen, consider purchasing a metal pendant light fixture. Luckily, Home Folk has plenty of beautiful farmhouse kitchen accessories to brighten up your home. Our light fixtures will hang from your kitchen ceilings to draw the eye upward and create dimension in the space. Our team promises that visitors will compliment your light fixtures every time they see them.


Vintage accessories are essential to the farmhouse look. Placing a new dining table in the space will throw off the vibe and look too modern. If you really want your kitchen to look country, search for rustic seating options that’ll add a touch of charm. Home Folk has many vintage-inspired chairs with intricate designs. Again, it’s vital that you incorporate industrial metal in the room. Thus, it’d help if you bought a metal bench or stool where guests can sit back and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Bowls & Pitchers

Every foodie needs bowls and pitchers in their kitchen. Remember, these items don’t have to be boring just because they’re essential. You can have some fun and express your creativity through the bowls and pitchers you purchase. For example, a hammered stainless-steel pitcher would pair beautifully with a set of copper bowls. Conversely, if you really want to get people talking, consider buying a drink pitcher with a chicken design across the bottom. People will appreciate that you went all-out to drive home the farmhouse vibe.

Essential Kitchen Tools

There are some other items that every kitchen should have. For example, you can’t bake a delicious cake without measuring cups. Again, just because these things are necessary, doesn’t mean they have to be dull. You can get some stainless-steel measuring cups with a copper finish from Home Folk that’ll fit in with your ideal country style. We also sell copper ladles and antique dog paper towel holders that’ll make a statement in the room.

Mugs & Coasters

Country-inspired mugs and coasters are other items that give your kitchen a farmhouse vibe. Even though farm girls don’t mind getting a little dirty, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your home clean. A brown agate coaster set will help you accomplish this goal and remain country-inspired while doing so. Also, mugs with creative, funny sayings are perfect for your daily Instagram shot. The fellow farm girls in your life will definitely love the accessory.

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