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How to Give Your Living Room a Boho-Chic Makeover

How to Give Your Living Room a Boho-Chic Makeover

Who doesn’t love scrolling through Pinterest? The site is full of home décor inspiration for those struggling to come up with ideas. If you’ve browsed through different boards, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that bohemian chic interior design is all the rage right now. Homeowners love this style because it’s not cookie-cutter. The trend allows you to think creatively and incorporate elements you can’t find in every other house on the block. This guide on how to give your living room a boho-chic makeover will help you achieve the look of your dreams. Soon enough, you’ll be posting pics on your own Pinterest board.

What Is Boho-Chic?

Before we can discuss tips on achieving a boho-chic look, it’s important to explain what the style means. People who follow a bohemian lifestyle are carefree. They aren’t overly obsessed with following rules or traditions. Instead, they forge their own paths in the world. Also, bohemian interior design incorporates many global elements. You should walk into a boho-chic space and see trinkets from all over the world. Finally, this interior design style heavily emphasizes natural features. Things like distressed wood and botanicals are common in boho-chic spaces. Given all these points, it’s easy to understand why farm girls around the country would enjoy this style. It allows women to express themselves in creative ways, emphasizes natural elements, and helps them bring the outdoors into their homes.

Don’t Shy Away From Colors & Patterns

Now that we know what boho-chic means, we can discuss steps for how to obtain the look. Bohemian chic is unlike any other interior design style. The look is perfect for unruly travelers who aren’t afraid to bend the rules a bit. This sentiment is especially true when it comes to colors and intricate patterns. Think about painting your walls a vibrant shade of blue or a striking ruby red. The more daring you are, the better. You can implement these bold color choices in your furniture selection, as well. A purple couch will make a statement in the room, as would an emerald green armchair.

You can also be daring by mixing patterned and solid pieces. Consider purchasing some eccentric throw pillows that’ll also serve as a conversation piece. The knick-knacks you choose for your bohemian living room should showcase your personality so that guests get a sense of who you are the minute they enter the space. Home Folk has top-of-the-line boho-chic living room décor for those struggling to find expressive objects. If you’re a farm girl at heart, you’ll love our wide selection of eclectic pieces that’ll get your girlfriends talking.

Never Underestimate Sizing

Another way to attain a boho-chic look in your living room is to experiment with sizing. Some people like all of their furniture to be the same size to create uniformity. However, there’s still a way to make things look cohesive when accessories are of different sizes. In fact, a large mirror hanging over a couch will balance the space a little more and create a better flow. Also, more substantial pieces might be just the statement item you’ve been searching for. A distressed bookshelf, for example, will catch people’s eyes the minute they pop over for a visit. Using features of different proportions is a staple of bohemian interior design.

Bring the Outdoors In

If you’re a farm girl, you love being outside. Luckily, boho-chic interior design allows you to bring the outdoors in. For starters, botanicals will freshen up the air in your living room. Stuffiness isn’t copasetic with a bohemian look. If you add a ton of plants to the space, you’ll never even notice the transition from outdoors to indoors. It truly is the perfect solution for farm girls who want to be in the great outdoors 24/7. Finally, as previously stated, boho-chic is all about color. Fresh plants and flowers are a simple way to add pops of color into your living room without spending a pretty penny on bright furniture.

Different-sized planters are another way to create dimension in your living room. Again, it’s important that not every item in the area is the same size. If things are too matchy, the room will not capture the boho look you desire. Instead, keep sizing into account while you’re out shopping for plants. Perhaps purchase tiny holders that you can hang on the wall, and then place them next to a large mirror to even things out. If you select the right botanicals, your living room will look like an indoor garden that everyone will envy.

Make the Old New

A pivotal guideline to achieving a bohemian interior design is making the space look lived in. Yes, modern objects that add a touch of luxury are welcome. However, mixing newer accessories with vintage will help the room look more worn. For example, exposed wood is a great bohemian design feature. If you can, try leaving some bare wooden beams on your ceiling. If beams are impossible to install, think about creating an accent wall out of old farm wood. Farm girls shouldn’t have any trouble finding a supply. Instead of throwing these materials out, reuse them to make a statement in your living room.

This vintage rule applies to knick-knacks, as well. After all, boho-chic is all about telling a story. Guests should believe that you’ve traveled the world when they enter the area, so shop around for some cool items that you can put in the space. An authentic globe will strike up conversation amongst people. You can also buy older books and place them on your coffee table the next time people visit. Guest will love to hear all about the trinkets you’ve decided to put in the room.

This guide on how to give your living room a boho-chic makeover will help farm girls get the aesthetic of their dreams. Take a look at Home Folk’s vast collection of boho-chic living room décor to get you started. We have plenty of knick-knacks that’ll allow you to express who you are and get people talking. Remember to make the space your own and have fun. No interpretation is incorrect as long as you love the final product.

How to Give Your Living Room a Boho-Chic Makeover

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