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How to Feel More Confident in Your Own Skin

How to Feel More Confident in Your Own Skin

Confidence is a tricky thing. Most people have days when they couldn’t be happier to be themselves but other days when insecurities take over. Women experience an overwhelming pressure to look, act, and feel certain ways at all times. Sometimes a few confidence-boosting tricks is all it takes to jump-start confidence levels and block out the pressures of society. Check out this guide on how to feel more confident in your own skin.

Surround yourself with positivity

Keep your friends by your side and reach out whenever you’re feeling like you need a confidence boost. Don’t be afraid to let go of people who consistently bring you down; sometimes doing a deep clean of your friend group can have long-lasting benefits for your confidence and happiness. This doesn’t mean to cutoff your best friend because she disliked your shoes one time, but if a person close to you constantly tears you down for being yourself or doesn’t support your passions, it might be time to have a conversation about needed support.

Get to know yourself

Spend some time with just yourself. Practice getting to know who you are by taking yourself out sometimes. Take yourself to lunch, go see a movie, or do some window shopping alone. You may just find that the more time you spend alone, the more you’ll realize you’re actually pretty good company.

Express yourself

It can be scary to put our personalities and emotions on display for the world to see, but it’s very liberating to be yourself and watch positivity follow. Fashion is one way to express yourself to the world. Try wearing something you actually really like instead of wearing only things you’ve deemed as “flattering” or “acceptable” for your body type. All women can wear all things—we just rock them differently. Try something eye-catching, such as a bright red dress for a nice dinner instead of your go-to LBD. Adding a bold accessory, such as bohemian style jewelry, can help ease you into finding your true style.

Make yourself feel beautiful

Do things that make you feel beautiful, whether that means throwing on sweatpants and putting your hair into a messy bun or putting on makeup and doing your hair in a style you’ve never tried before. Different things make different people feel beautiful. Sometimes all you need for a quick confidence boost is a fun face mask and a fresh coat of nail polish. Whatever you do to make yourself feel more beautiful, do it for yourself because your opinion of you is the only one that truly matters.

Lift up other women

Encourage other women to feel confident in themselves. Sometimes helping someone else realize their worth and beauty can help you find your own. If your friend looks especially pretty, let her know. If you love the style of a random woman at the store, tell her. Putting positivity into the world encourages others to be themselves and give positivity back.

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