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How to Buy Safe Toys for Your Baby

How to Buy Safe Toys for Your Baby

How to Buy Safe Toys for Your Baby

When you have a baby, whether it’s your first or your fifth, you always worry about their safety. From the bed they lie in to the toys they play with, every object can pose potential danger. When thinking about toys, one of the main concerns that parents have is choking hazards. Another big concern of parents and caregivers is unsafe materials, whether this be fire hazards or chemical issues. We provide a guide for parents and caregivers on how to buy safe toys for your baby.

Read labels

Labels on toys and toy boxes inform you about the toy. Thoroughly read each label prior to purchasing or giving a toy to your child. Make sure to glance over the materials used in the toy’s making process and origin. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to keeping your baby safe, and you don’t want to sacrifice the benefits that come from early childhood playing. Playing helps babies develop life-long skills such as color recognition, social interaction, and it even helps to fine-tune their developing motor skills.

Limit choking hazards

Inspect every toy prior to giving it to your child for any choking hazards or risks. Remove any small parts and make sure every toy is larger than your child’s mouth. Children, especially babies, feel naturally inclined to put things they find into their mouths. If they put a toy into their mouths, make sure it isn’t so small it could end up choking them or that it contains any toxic materials.

Avoid toxic materials

As mentioned, children instinctively place new objects into their mouths. This tendency can pose more than choking risks. Materials used in some toys are, unfortunately, toxic. Make sure to get toys made with only safe and natural materials. A good solution is to buy organic children’s toys that are age appropriate and fit your child’s personality.

Consider your child

Even at a young age children begin to show parents their temperaments and personalities. You know your child and the tendencies they display. Pick out toys that would not only appeal to their preferences, but that will withstand your child’s temperament.

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