Mineral Makeup Foundation Neutral 4.0

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Indulge your skin with our nourishing mineral foundation! Unlike many
mineral foundations, experience incredible coverage that is
sweat-proof and lasts all day. While maintaining incredible coverage,
it feels light and effortless on your skin and you’ll probably forget
you’re even wearing it!

Joanna formulates her foundation to contain many nutrient-rich ingredients
such as ground pearls, silk powder, vitamin E, etc. to nourish your
skin and help it look it’s best while balancing oil production.

Free of:
Toxins & Chemicals
Talc powder

Product weight: 6 Grams

All of Joanna's foundations are completely vegan and free of chemicals. She
uses Zinc Oxide in her foundation formula to give you the benefits of
natural SPF.

I currently offer her premade foundations in 5 shades.
Neutral 1.0 - The lightest shade for very fair skin.
Neutral 2.0 - For fair-medium skin with neutral undertones.
Neutral 3.0 - For tan-medium skin with neutral undertones.
Neutral 4.0 - For dark medium skin with neutral undertones.
Neutral 5C - For darker skin with a cool undertone.

Joanna's foundation comes in an easy to use container with a rotating
sifter. Simply open the sifter and shake a bit of product into the
lid, swirl your brush around, tap off any excess, and apply to your